Some people have religion, i have music. some people pray: i just turn the music up



hurt cancers are more likely to retreat off the face of the planet rather than respond with aggression or rage. this time inside their shell thickens the lining of their skin and ensures they can face a world of danger with their formidable tenacity. cancers are idealistic people who only want to see the world align more with their dreamstates


go outside today, breathe some fresh air, do your kegels, drink some water, wear sunscreen, smile at yourself when you look in the mirror, dab some castor oil on your edges, pet a dog, tell someone you really appreciate them being here, love each other, love yourselves!!!!!





When wealthy white college students critique rap I’m just like… it’s not for you though. I ain’t out here debating the finer points of boat shoes, mayonnaise, and mission trips.

No lies are present your honor..

not one lie was told. not one lie was told.

Listen here, hiphopfightsback…


I do my very best to be productive because anxiety lies in inaction